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Wilshire Residences Condo comprises a unit mix of “1 Bedroom“, “2 Bedroom“, “2 Bedroom + Guest“, “3 Bedroom” and “4 Bedroom + Guest” apartments.

There is an option for purchasers considering the 4 Bedroom + Guest apartment to convert the unit into a 3 Bedroom Premium.

There are a total of 8 stacks in the District 10 freehold condo, with 10 typical unit floor plan types (after including the 3 Bedroom Premium option for Stack 1) and 8 penthouses floor plan types to choose from.

Wilshire Residences Floor Plan Types with a “(PH)”, are penthouse units with strata void areas over the living room and dining room. These apartments are located on the highest level of the project, which is on the 12th floor, and have a higher ceiling height compared to typical units. The ceiling height in the living room and dining room is 5.65 metres, as opposed to 2.83 metres for the typical units.

With the extra height, the living room and dining room of these apartments will definitely look brighter and feel bigger.

The bedrooms of the “(PH)” units will also have a higher ceiling of 3.40 metres, compared to 2.83 metres for the typical units.

The full set of Wilshire Residences Floor Plan in pdf format can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Walls between Rooms of Wilshire Residences can be configurated

Wilshire Residences is built using the traditional method of construction, where the construction of the project takes place at the actual site. As the project site is an en bloc site (the site of the former The Wilshire), the developer can choose to construct the development using the traditional method, which has been the accepted norm for a long time.

Using the traditional method of construction, the development is built in a linear manner where every step of the construction has to be completed before moving to the next process. Using this method of construction, the construction of the project will take place entirely or largely on-site. The various stages of construction process is detailed more clearly in the Progressive Payment Scheme.

Government Land Sales (GLS) sites on the other hand would have to be built using a modular method, which is also known as the Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) method. For the PPVC method of construction, the individual rooms are built in an off-site facility, before being transported to the project site to be assembled.

A notable feature of Wilshire Residences is that certain walls between rooms in the apartments which are not supporting columns can be taken down in order to assemble a bigger room. If the wall is between the living room and a common room or guest room, a bigger space for the living and dining room can be created. The floor plan of every apartment in Wilshire Residences is thus highly customizable as you can configure the size and shape of the rooms you like to have.

In certain cases, if the construction of the development has not reached the level of the unit purchased and if the developer has not procured the building materials of the unit yet, the purchaser can request for certain walls of the unit not to be built in the first place at the time of purchasing the apartment. The granting of these requests are subject to the developer’s discretion.

The hacking of walls, or not building of walls in the apartments can only be done if the development is not using the PPVC method of construction. It is because the walls of the rooms using this type of construction process cannot be hacked or removed.

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1 Bedroom (Typical & Penthouse)

Type A - 463sf / Type A (PH) - 603sf

Different from the typical narrow layout of the current new 1 Bedroom apartments for sale in the current market, the 1-Bedroom in Wilshire Residences has a squarish layout.

The Master Bedroom has full height windows, atypical of 1 bedroom apartments which usually has the air-con ledge placed in front of the master bedroom and thus blocking off the view below the windows.

The L-shaped floor-to-ceiling windows of the master bedroom allows the room to be well-lit during the day.

There are 2 entries to the Master Bathroom, allowing guests to use the bathroom without needing to go through the Master Bedroom.

The 1-Bedroom apartment in the development is the only unit type with an open kitchen.

2 Bedroom (Typical & Penthouse)

Wilshire Residences is predominantly made up of 2-Bedroom apartments and 2-Bedroom + Guest apartments, with these unit types taking up 5 out of a total of 8 stacks in the development.

All apartments which are 2 Bedrooms or bigger in the District 10 Condo would have an enclosed kitchen, which is extremely rare for apartment sales in the primary market.

Type B - 646sf / Type B (PH) - 797sf

The 2 bedroom apartments have an enclosed kitchen, which is a rarity for 2-bedroom units in the new launch condo market.

The 2nd bedroom has the same full height windows as the master bedroom as the aircon ledge is situated next to the master bathroom.

The common bathroom has a window, which allows for natural ventilation of the room. Having a window in the common bathroom of current 2-Bedroom units for sale in the primary market is not common, as most of these new 2-Bedroom apartments would have mechanical ventilation in the common bathrooms.

2 Bedroom + Guest (Typical & Penthouse)

Type B1-G - 732sf / Type B1-G (PH) - 861sf

The master bedroom of this floor plan type has the biggest combined width of full height windows amongst the “2 bedroom” and “2 bedroom + guest” room types.

This allows the room to have good natural lighting. maximizing the views from the room.

In addition, the room would have 2 views – overlooking Farrer Road and facing South towards Holland Road.

Type B2-G - 743sf / Type B2-G (PH) - 893sf

The landscape-shaped living and dining room of this unit has a corresponding landscape-shaped balcony.

This lets both the living and dining room enjoy maximum natural lighting.

The layout of this unit allows the option of removing the wall of the guest room to merge the space of the guest room into the living/dining room.

Type B3-G - 753sf / Type B3-G (PH) - 904sf

The balcony, the guest room, common room and master bedroom of this unit type faces the pool and have an unblocked view till Leedon Green, a freehold D10 condo which is situated on the other side of Farrer Road.

ShowFlat Unit Type

Type B4-G - 797sf / Type B4-G (PH) - 915sf

This layout is the biggest amongst the “2 Bedroom + Guest” floor plan type.

As the stack with this layout faces East, units on the higher floors might be able glimpse the greenery of the Botanic Gardens.

A close mirror image of the Type B3-G (Stack 3) floor plan, this apartment type has a bigger kitchen.

3 Bedroom (Typical & Penthouse)

The typical units for the 3 Bedroom are from Level 2 to Level 11, with the 3 Bedroom Penthouse apartment being on the 12th floor.

There are a difference between the unit on the 2nd floor unit, and those on Level 3 to Level 11. The 3 Bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor will have a balcony in the master bedroom, while the rest of the units from 3rd Floor to 11th Floor will not.

The 3-Bedroom unit on the 2nd Storey is the only apartment in the Holland development with a balcony in the master bedroom.

Type C - 840sf / Type C (PH) - 990sf

The kitchen of the 3-Bedroom apartment provides sufficient counter-top space with a parallel kitchen design.

One can enjoy two views in the master bedroom by virtue of the L-shaped windows in the room.

The full width of the dividing wall between Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3 has no supporting column and can be fully taken down if one wishes to combine the 2 common bedrooms.

The main difference between the “3 Bedroom” and “2 Bedroom plus Guest” units is that there is full-sized bedroom in place of the guest room for the 3-Bedroom apartment.

Type C1 - 861sf

Only one unit in the condo has this layout.

Located on the 2nd Level of Stack 8, the main difference between this floor plan and the floor plan of Type C is the addition of a balcony in the master bedroom.

4 Bedroom + Guest (Typical & Penthouse) or 3 Bedroom Premium

Purchasers of the 4 Bedroom + Guest apartment have the choice of converting the layout into a 3 Bedroom Premium, should they not require 4 bedrooms, but yet like to enjoy the spaciousness that an apartment with an area of 1270 square feet would bring.

The living room and dining room areas of the 3 Bedroom Premium would be bigger, as well as the Master Bedroom and one of the common bedrooms.


Type D-G – 1270sf / Type D-G (PH) – 1485sf

The 4 bedroom + Guest is the only layout in the development with a yard and WC (water closet).

The living and dining rooms are spacious, with the dining room big enough to accommodate a 8-seater dining table.

If you do not need the Guest Room, there is the option of taking away the wall dividing the guest room and the dining room, and use the area of the Guest Room as the dining room.

Out of the 4 bedrooms, 2 are en-suite. Both the Master Bedroom and Bedroom 4 (the designated junior master) enjoy dual views owing to the L-shaped windows in the rooms.

There is a bigger than typical wardrobe in the Master Bedroom and the Master Bathroom has the luxury of “his” and “hers” basins.


Type D-G (3 Bedroom Premium) – 1270sf

The “3-Bedroom Premium” has the same area as the “4 Bedroom + Guest”.

The main difference between the 2 layouts lies in the Master Bedroom, Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, the living/dining room, and the guest room.

The area of the original Bedroom 2 in the “4 Bedroom + Guest” will be divided and given to the Master Bedroom and Bedroom 3.

In the “3 Bedroom Premium”, the wardrobe of the Master Bedroom will be removed. The area of the “original Bedroom 2” given to the Master Bedroom will be converted into a walk-in wardrobe area.

The area of the Master Bedroom will thus become bigger with the removal of the wardrobe area, and the creation of the walk-in wardrobe area using the area of the “original Bedroom 2”.

The Bedroom 3 of the “3 Bedroom Premium” will be bigger as part of the area of the “original Bedroom 2” will be apportioned to this room. The wardrobe space of Bedroom 3 will also be enlarged.

The areas of the living room and dining room in the “3 Bedroom Premium” will increase with the removal of the Guest Room.

The designated Junior Master (now named Bedroom 2 in the “3 Bedroom Premium”) is the only bedroom which is unchanged.

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